Moth Monday: Setaceous Hebrew character

What’s in a name? When I went through my file with moth pictures and tried to determine this moth, I first found the Dutch name, Zwarte C-uil (literal translation “black C-owl”). For this blog, I looked up the English name, which is the Setaceous Hebrew Character. It is interesting that in both languages, the name refers… Continue reading Moth Monday: Setaceous Hebrew character

Moth Monday: Double-striped pug

This Moth Monday the spotlight is on the Double-striped pug (Gymnoscelis rufifasciata). Both the caterpillar and the fully developed moth caught my eye, however at the time of discovery I didn’t know that they were the same animal! Last year in August, I first encountered the caterpillar. It creeped on a garbage bag probably searching for… Continue reading Moth Monday: Double-striped pug

Spider Sunday: Daddy long-legs

After a few weeks of not blogging because of vacation (I visited the gorgeous island that is Ireland) and sickness (ugh!), Spider Sunday is back! This time with a spider I wanted to add to my photographic collection for a long time. The (in)famous daddy long-legs spider (Pholcus phalangioides). Normally, I see them everywhere. But whenever I actively… Continue reading Spider Sunday: Daddy long-legs