Spider Sunday: Daddy long-legs

After a few weeks of not blogging because of vacation (I visited¬†the gorgeous island that is Ireland) and sickness (ugh!), Spider Sunday is back! This time with¬†a spider I wanted to add to my photographic collection for a long time.¬†The (in)famous daddy long-legs spider (Pholcus phalangioides). Normally, I see them everywhere. But whenever I actively… Continue reading Spider Sunday: Daddy long-legs

Spider Sunday: Labyrinth Spider

Today’s spider is the labyrinth spider (Agelena labyrinthica). Just as last week’s spider, it belongs to the family of the¬†funnel-web spiders. Certain spiders build webs that are hardly noticeable until you walk in to one (eeks!). Not these spiders. They may¬†very well be the architect among the spiders. Their webs are¬†most often build on top… Continue reading Spider Sunday: Labyrinth Spider