Merry Christmas!

Not my own video, but saw this on the interwebs and thought it would fit in nicely with my Spider Sunday series. So enjoy this little clip if you haven’t seen it already and I do wish you all a merry christmas ūüôā Advertisements

Moth Monday: Diamondback Moth

The diamondback moth or cabbage moth¬†(Plutella xylostella) is a migratory moth. Originally found in Europe, it spread out to the American, Asian and Australian¬†continent and New¬†Zealand. This dispersal is quite remarkable since the moths are weak fliers. They only fly small distances, but because¬†they are¬†very small, they¬†cover great distances¬†on wind energy. I found them to… Continue reading Moth Monday: Diamondback Moth

Moth Monday: Oak Processionary

Quite a notorious moth, the moth for today! The Oak Processionary (Thaumetopoea processionea) makes headlines when spotted. The main reason for that is the hairiness of the caterpillars. Yes, even certain moths go through a hairy phase when hitting puberty ūüėČ Caterpillars molt a number of times before pupating. During this period, more and more… Continue reading Moth Monday: Oak Processionary

Moth Monday: Small China-mark

Yet another moth with a very different common name in English compared to other languages.¬†The common English name for Cataclysta lemnata is Small China-mark. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the colouration of this small, water-loving moth. In most other european languages the name of the moth refers to its favorite plant:… Continue reading Moth Monday: Small China-mark