Spider Sunday: Steatoda bipunctata

It always fascinates me why people give a certain name to a particular creature. This sunday’s spider’s name is no exception. The common english name is rabbit hutch spider, after its tendency to build a web in the vicinity of rabbit hutches. The common dutch name is koffieboonspin (coffee bean spider), after its looks. The… Continue reading Spider Sunday: Steatoda bipunctata

Spider Sunday: Running crab spider

Today’s spider was (is) a real challenge for me to determine which species it belongs to. After considering the options, I think it’s a member of the Philodromidae family or the running crab spiders. Quite possibly the Turf running-spider (Philodromus cespitum). The reason for my uncertainty is that running crab spiders resemble crab spiders (Thomisidae family).… Continue reading Spider Sunday: Running crab spider