Moth Monday: Small Dusty Wave

Small Dusty Wave (Idaea seriata) is the moth for today. It isn’t the most special looking moth, but this moth is quite beautiful in spite of that. While processing the information I found on this moth, the word humility popped up. I think this moth embodies this virtue. Where other members of the Geometridae family are striking, the small dusty wave is not. As caterpillars, they feed off fallen leaves and moss, so no luxurious diners for this moth! And when the time has come to pupate, they will retreat in a hole in the ground -no fancy housing either.


In the Netherlands, the small dusty wave has two generations; one in June-July and another generation in August-September. The caterpillars of the last generation overwinter. Because of their humble appearance not much else is (yet) known about this moth. I found this particular specimen end of August on the door of my house. It was probably resting for a bit longer before the evening came and with that the time to fly around.



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