Moth Monday: Heather Tortrix

The Heather Tortrix (Argyrotaenia ljungiana) is the moth for today. It is a member of the Leafroller (Tortricidae) family. The caterpillars of these moths have the tendency to roll up a leaf and live there until they are ready for transformation. In large numbers, this habit may destroy plants (and thus crops), giving some of the leafrollers the status of pests.


Luckily, the heather tortrix is not an explicit leafroller, but in addition to heather, it may live on apple trees, spruce and blueberry. It flies from March to September, usually in two generations. I found this beauty in April of this year in my garden, where there is heather for it to feed off. There are some colour variations, but the markings are relatively the same in all individuals. Unfortunately, not much else is known about this particular moth.



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