Spider Sunday: Heliophanus

Spider Sunday is back! For a little while, I came across the same spider species I already highlighted. Other spiders saw me creeping up on them with a camera and quickly disappeared. Fortunately, a week and a half ago, I came home early from work and saw this spider sunbathing. The metallic sheen and bright lime coloured palps struck me right away. Apparently, only females have brightly coloured palps and the white band around the front part of abdomen. The indentations are probably the places where the muscles are attached on the inside.


At first, this spider (Heliophanus sp.) was a bit reluctant to pose, but during the shoot she behaved like a true model. Generally, jumping spiders (the family which she belongs to) are curious spiders. And they look very cute when they raise their heads up to get a good look of the onlooker. This makes jumping spiders a beloved spider family to photograph.



Unfortunately for me, it is really hard to determine which species of Heliophanus this is from a picture; usually the genitalia need to be examined. Because of that, there isn’t much information on this particular genus. And as far as I could tell, there is no common English name. However, the common Dutch name for this genus is Blinker. I suspect that the name has something to do with their tendency to wave. Because of the brightness of their palps, it might seem like lights blinking.


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