Spider Sunday: Green crab spider

This sunday another green spider; the green crab spider (Diaea dorsata). This species belongs to the real crab spiders (Thomsidae). It is another spider that does not make a web, but hunts for a living. Its mostly green body provides some camouflage when sitting on leaves. Because it has a yellow/brown abdomen it is easy to distinguish from other green spiders.

Groene KrabspinOne of my former colleagues send me this picture. As you can see, this particular specimen had just caught a snack. Usually, these spiders hide somewhere on foliage and when a prey passes by, they immediately grab them with their long legs. They bite their prey, inject venom and suck out the liquefied insides. Ahh, must be refreshing! 😉

Interestingly, male green crab spiders dance. Not to impress a female, but to assert dominance in a particular territory. Instead of violent attacks, the males found a way to combat in a non-violent manner. Looks like they have their own version of dance battles!


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