Update Spider Sunday: Marpissa muscosa

Just today when I decided to post my recent article on the fence post jumping spider (Marpissa muscosa), I saw one again. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and tried to take pictures of its face (which I failed at last time). My camera isn’t that good, so I have to get fairly close to the spider to get a decent picture. And as I mentioned, jumping spiders have excellent vision, so you can probably guess what happened: I got attacked!! :O The spider kept jumping on my camera or my hand. Fortunately, I did manage to get two great (if I say so myself) pictures of the pretty eyes of the fence post jumping spider. Although it looks cute in the pictures, I know better!


By having pictures of its face, I could also determine that this spider is a male. Females have an orange band under their eyes. Also, males always have green eyes, whereas female eyes are blue. The palps of males and females differ in that the tips of the male palps are club-shaped and the female’s is a straight line, just like their normal legs.



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