Photo challenge #5: Moment

To capture motion, that is today’s challenge. In my perfect world, all insects would sit perfectly still and the wind lies down for a moment until I photographed the object of my choice. Obviously, we don’t live in a perfect world, so we have to make the best of the circumstances. For me, it means taking countless of pictures, rejecting the majority of them and above all else, putting patience in to practice.

But sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised by nature and the results are better than expected! This past summer I was stalking a ladybug who was struggling for balance on a thin twig. Just when I pressed the button on my camera, it spread its wings. At first, I was thought that the bug would fly away, but it kept on walking after it found its balance back. Moreover, the ladybug spread its wings several times. When I looked through the pictures I had taken, I was a bit worried that the pictures where the ladybug was spreading its wings, would be very blurry, but this did not turn out to be the case. Here are some of those pictures, including a GIF I made from 4 pictures taken moments after each other.


Another insect I struggled to take a decent picture of, was a bee. When bees are out and about looking for nectar and pollen, they move around fast! No posing for pictures, unfortunately for me. But like with the ladybug, sometimes pictures turn out better than expected. The first one shows a bee that is about to take a step (see how its front leg is mid-air) and the second one is a bee that looks like it is both waving and sticking out its tongue 😉



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