Photo challenge #4: Natural world

Today’s theme is an easy one for me on this blog: capturing the natural world, paying special attention to ‘leading lines’. These are lines that guide your eyes towards the center or other main point of focus. I selected a couple of different examples of these natural leading lines.

The first picture has leading lines from the effects of the wind on the sand and the grass blades. It adds some ‘flow’ to the rest of the picture.


In the second picture the leading lines are the stamen of the dandelion. They seem to stretch themselves out of the flower base. This might help in fertilisation, although dandelions are perfectly capable of cloning themselves.


The leaves of a just rolled out baby fern in the third picture seems to beckon the onlooker.


The leading lines of the petals of a nearly opened camellia flower look like they spiral towards the center of the flower.


The lines inside this petunia flower are not only beautiful to see for humans, but actually serve as guide lines that help insects navigate to ‘good stuff’ aka nectar and pollen. Some insects have infrared vision and see these lines very differently than us.



One thought on “Photo challenge #4: Natural world

  1. Interesting serie Davina. It always feels good to take a step back and consider why a picture has been taken and what one wants to say with it.

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