Flyday: Lesser dung fly

In previous posts, we got to know flies that pretended to be bees or wasps. Today’s fly puts on a different costume; it dresses like an ant! Its name? The lesser dung fly or Sepsis fulgens.

Like the yellow dung fly we met a few weeks ago, this fly also hangs around dung. From time to time it visits flowers or relaxes on a leaf like this fellow did. Although it is a small fly, it steals the show with its wings. The black dots on the wings are characteristic for the genus. Also, the way the flies move their wings when they are not flying is typical for the family. It looks like it is fanning or waving its wings while it moves about. Check this video clip if you’re curious to know what that looks like: . Unfortunately, the reason why this fly does that is not yet clear. Some researches think that it may have something to do with communication; either visual or through smell.


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