Growing up: Shield bug

…or more precisely parent bug (Elasmucha grisea). Yes, even bugs have parents (I know some parents can be bugs 😉 ). In this case the parent bug lives up to its name. Lots of insects just dump their eggs, leaving their offspring to fend for themselves. Can you imagine being all alone needing to grow, freeing yourself from the egg casing, then do some more growing and in the mean time trying to stay away from predators? No? Neither can the parent bug! Mom bug lays her eggs on a leaf and then she stays put until the eggs are hatched and the nymphs are a bit older and start moving around. Even then she will still keep an eye out for her children and will protect them when necessary. Supermom! Of course, not as great as my mother, but still!

I was fortunate enough to discover a parent bug just when the eggs where laid and I decided to check back every few days or so to document the process for this blog. It took aproximately two months and I took countless pictures, which I decided to turn into a movie. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Questions or comments are welcome, as always!


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