Bird of the week – Blue Dacnis

It has been over a month now since I started working at a natural history museum with a very large collection of all types of animals. I currently work with the bird collection and every now and then the most amazing / creative / weird names come up. As a bird lover, I love to find out more about these birds. And I hope that by sharing this with you, you’ll also be amazed about these feathery creatures! As always your comments are welcome!

I’ll start this series by presenting the blue dacnis (Latin name: Dacnis cayana). The first time I looked this name up, I was pleasantly surprised, because this bird is really beautiful!

In this species, male and female birds are easy to distinguish. In the blue dacnis, males are more brightly colored than females as you can clearly see. When you can determine the gender by appearance, the species is said to be ‘dimorphic’.

The blue dacnis lives mainly in Central and South America in forest, parks or gardens. It mainly eats insects and fruits. They are social birds, meaning that they live in pairs or family groups and they also bond with other bird species. During mating and breeding season a cup like nest is build about 5 – 8 meters up in a tree after which 2-3 eggs are laid. The female is fed by the male while she is busy breeding.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the blue dacnis, so I’ll end this post with a video:

More videos can be found on youtube or on the internet bird collection website:



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